Gweilo Beer trusted Cft Group to be its unique supplier for their new brewing facility in Hong Kong


The plant includes a MASTER CAN, a filling machine specially engineered and designed for can filling, based on proven counter-pressure filling technology, suitable for filling carbonated beverages in both steel and aluminum cans.

Hong Kong’s Gweilo Beer, which was set up 2½ years ago, will open a new US$5 million craft beer brewery – Hong Kong’s largest craft offering – in 2018, to answer the rising demand for the company’s brews. The brewery, a hi-tech 7,000 sq ft facility in Fo Tan, is currently under construction. In September 2015, Gweilo Beer started to export to Macau, and is expected to export to other foreign markets.

Why has Gweilo decided to focus on cans instead of glass? Emanuele Piva, CFT Group Beverage Sales Director explain further: “Cans are perceived by the customer as a container particularly suitable for parties, festival and celebrations, since they can be personalized with vivid colours and stunning images (artwork in craft cans has become a must-see at Beavertown Brewery, Aegir, Golden Road or Troegs, for example).

Cans also cool down faster, are easier to transport, and unlike bottles they prevent light from “skunking” the beer. There are also environmental benefits over bottles, both in terms of the energy required to produce them and in their recyclability.”

The perfect solution to avoid oxidation in beer.  CFT Group’s MASTER CAN is composed of a filling system based on the combined action of the filling valve and the can lifter. The filling range is 6.000 cans per hour. The separate air return reduces the risk of product contamination and the extremely low oxygen pick-up enables reduced product oxidation. A high precision in the fill point can be obtained without level tubes thanks to a volumetric mechanical system.

The machine is designed to be integrated into an automatic closed circuit system for sanitization and it is supplied with dummy cans to allow a return flow to the CIP station. The operator interface touch screen (HMI) is very user-friendly thanks to auto-diagnostic software. As a unique supplier we are also able to offer our customers complete End of Line solutions: for Gweilo we provided one of our PAL systems, combined with our filling machine: One unique provider to fulfill every request.

Trends and needs of craft beer on the Chinese market. Joseph Gould, Gweilo Beer founder explains further: “We’re operating in a relatively new market for craft beer and although it’s developing very quickly, we always need to ensure part of what we do appeals to customers devoted to macro lagers.

That said, the rapid development over here makes for an exciting arena and gives us freedom to push boundaries across the board. As craft suppliers in an emerging market, a big part of our role requires education. This applies to our own in house development, direct business customers and most importantly our end users, the people enjoying our beers.”

Why chosing CFT Group as a unique supplier for your equipment? “Investing heavily in packaging is a cornerstone of our project.” Says Joseph Gould. “We’re building a brewery to set us apart in the region and a huge aspect of that is producing cans at a very high standard.

With a typically hot climate here in Asia, coupled with transportation time for many of our markets, shelf life performance is key. We strive to do everything we can to make sure our beers are enjoyed in their best possible condition. CFT Group’s line delivers impressive numbers for throughput and oxygen pick-ups. It was also highly recommended by a number of friends in the industry.”