Growth and innovation with the focus on sustainability


In line with the Pavan Group‘s philosophy, Golfetto Sangati invests in clean energy today, confirming the attention to the balance of our planet as a necessary step to support balanced growth. The photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the production unit in Quinto di Treviso (Italy) was recently inaugurated. With an energy production of 926000 kWh/year obtained by means of 3442 modules spread over an area of approximately 6,000 sqm, the investment ensures the Pavan Group plant a significant reduction of environmental impact. During the sunniest months production activities can be sustained entirely by solar energy, avoiding any resorting to polluting energy sources, with the yielding part of the production to the grid. This will enable zero pollutant emissions for the production of electricity, avoiding the emission of nearly 400 tons of CO2 and 160 TOE (tons of oil equivalent) per year. The focus on environmental balance is applied to all the activities carried out by the Group’s companies, both in the development of technology and machinery able to optimise energy resources and in the adoption of an environmentally sustainable organisational and production model. As well as the use of clean energy sources and limiting the consumption of water and natural gas, the Group implements a complete control of the production processes in order to encourage the use of environmentally-friendly and recyclable construction and packing materials.

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