Glass bottle washing


Hydra is a series of full automatic bottle washers designed by Akomag to ensure reduced maintenance and user-friendliness. The washing cycle comprises a bottle emptying station, followed by pre-wash spraying and a first pre-soak bath to significantly reduce the pollution of the detergent bath and consumption.

The label removal station ensures that the labels are completely loosened from the bottles, while a rotating filter, extending over the entire width of the machine, carries every last trace outside the machine. The series of internal and external high-pressure detergent wash sprayers, with self-cleaning and self-centering rotating nozzles, completes the bottle washing process.

Among the main features, there are: easy removal of external sprayer for regular maintenance and cleaning; triple filters to protect spray pumps; ball valves for emptying of the soaking and spraying tanks; pendant push button panel made in stainless steel; electrical circuit with IP55 protection; pressure and temperature indicators controlling the washing temperatures and pressures. The picture shows the Hydra 8.2 model, characterized by a very high production speed of 37,500 bottles per hour and a mechanical efficiency of 99.4%.

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