Fruit peelers and cutters



The roots of MFT (Morrone Food tech) date back to 1946 when Giulio Raiola, Maurizio Morrone’s grandfather, started manufacturing food-processing machinery. During his first 40 years, Giulio Raiola’s company establishes itself as leader manufacturer of processing equipment for the canning industry, namely tomato and peach processing. In the early 90’s Mr Raiola develops the first models of his peeler for apples, pears, citrus and kiwis, besides fruit cutters and other pieces of equipment that allow him to expand the company’s core business to the whole fruit-processing industry, including the then-emerging sector of fresh-cut fruit products. In 2009, Maurizio Morrone takes over his grandfather’s business and enhances research and designing activities with the aim of applying his own and his staff’s know how to vegetable processing as well. Always forwarding the fruit peelers and cutters flagship production range, MFT is today a full range supplier of complete lines for fruit and vegetable processing, from infeed to packaging, with special expertise in the following sectors: fruit fresh-cut products, fruit preserves, jams and marmalades, candied fruit, fruit processing and preparation for freezing, citrus essential oil extraction, dried and dehydrated fruit, vegetable preserves, fruit juices and purees, citrus juices, tomato processing.

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