Food & beverage wrapping film


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Crocco, Italian leading company in the production of PE film for the beverage sector, proposes a thin film with a low environmental impact suitable for wrapping bundles of 0.25 to 2.25-litre PET bottles or 0.33 to 0.50-litre cans on high-output continuous motion bundling machines. Next to high tenacity, these films provide excellent brightness and high print resolution. Latest flexographic printing technology ensures optimal graphic design up to 58 lines/cm2 with max.10 colours. The special series of non-fusion films completes the range developed for the beverage sector. The image shows Aliprot, an innovative polyolefin cling film that contains neither chlorine nor plasticisers. Its unique characteristics make it ideal for direct contact with any type of foodstuff, including high fat products such as oil, butter and marinated products. It is available in a version for home use and one for industrial use, both manual and automatic. It is atoxic, odourless, transparent and brilliant, with low environmental impact. Known on the market as “PVC-free film”, it meets all food packaging needs, including freezing ones.

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