Agriflex flour cooling systems



Agriflex is focusing on flour temperature control in the dough mixing room, which is crucial to ensure constant and optimum quality, both in industrial and small-scale production of baked goods. The company proposes a system allowing constant and uniform flour temperature reduction of even 20°C, in order to overcome the disadvantages of conventional methods used until now, as adding ice to the dough, for instance, which causes the premature wear of the mixer; another method used for dough cooling is to inject liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, causing a modification in the organoleptic properties of the raw materials and the death of yeasts; to this purpose even laminar cool air flows or screw heat exchangers can be used, but they involve higher operating costs. Compared with the above mentioned methods, the advantages of this patented system are: high effectiveness; considerable temperature reduction; complete system automation ensuring correct temperature of the dough, compensating the temperature variations of the other components and ambient temperature; ease of maintenance and cleaning of all areas in contact with the flour; reduced operating costs thanks to high energy efficiency and direct exchange.


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