Filtration Made in Italy for high-quality oils

Diatom, the most outstanding system produced by Galigani, filters
extravirgin and virgin olive oil using diatomaceous earth or filtration supports. PLC controlled, the system can have a two level design.

Filter-presses, pumps and complete fi ltration systems: fi ltration of extravirgin olive oils and seed oils before bottling has always been this Tuscan company’s mission.

Galigani Filtri has operated in the industrial filtration sector since 1958. Since its beginning, it has specialized specifically in the design and construction of filter-presses, pumps and complete filtration systems. “Our current structure has its roots far back in time – says Fabio Donzella, one of the company’s engineers. – In fact, the first filterpresses were designed and produced for the discolouring, the winterization and the clarifying of edible oils for some of the most renowned Italian refineries”. In the following years, after achieving the first positive results on national territory, the company has succeeded in making a name for itself also on international markets. To such an extent that today it can account for hundreds of installations on the five continents.

Applications for the food and beverage industry, and especially filtering systems for extravirgin olive oils and various seed oils, have always represented a showpiece for the company, which has constantly invested part of its corporate assets in research and development. “You have just to think that in the filtering sector, at the end of the Sixties, we were the first company setting up a laboratory to carry out filtration tests – Donzella adds. – The project is useful both for ensuring the right machine dimensional choice for the customers and for the research for increasingly more efficient filtration solutions». In 1970 Galigani started the production of its first diatomaceous earth filters, equipped with a system for the automatic dosing of the filtering support. This application is specific for extra virgin olive oils, heritage of the Italian alimentary production.