End-of-line picking system


Interroll has supplied the end-of-line equipment for System Logistics’ modular order picking system. The order picking system is a fully automated system that is able to produce mixed pallets from different articles and packaging. The depalletising robots loosen the mono-reference pallets and separate the packages, which are fed by transport systems to their own storage area.

Proprietary software determines optimal sequences for the composition of mixed transport pallets, and regulates the release of the packets from the buffer via miniload to the sequencer.

The packages within the sequencer are extracted using transport systems and reach the palletizing robots, which create mixed pallet loads in a fully automated process. Interroll’s modular platform MCP perfectly fits into this system, which is powered by 24V RollerDrive (conveyor modules are equipped with 24V brushless motor).

The system has a decentralized design: in fact there is no central drive station, and the drives are located in each individual conveyor zone. With this design, each conveyor zone can be individually switched on or off. This offers the advantage that a movement in the conveyor system occurs only when the material to be conveyed is present.


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