Electro-pneumatic filling valve


New electro-pneumatic filling valve (patented) allows to work from 0 to 8 bar of pressure with a level adjustment from 25 to 100 mm from the top of the mouth. Filling level is
highly precise and the oxidation degree is minimal. All working parameters are set on the control board, consequently it is possible to easily move from one product to another one in a very short time. The valve is easy and safe to sterilize thanks to the dummy bottle (patented) with automatic positioning. Double line with low closure brings to great advantages both for the filling precision and for the degassing, as it totally avoids the perturbation due to the degassing of the product in the return gas line. The productivity gain on sparkling products is relevant. This project took two years of studies and trials and it represents a summary of GAI technological skills. At Simei, will be exhibited on a beer monobloc of 3000 bottles/hour, of 5000 bottles/hour for still wines, of 8000 bottles/hour both for still and sparkling wines and other effervescent products.

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