Handling and storing

Containers and pallets for food and vegetables


Martini Alfredo purpose the extensive family of containers and pallet ensures maximum versatility in use, with ad hoc solutions for such specific requirements as handling and storing products food. Plenty of different ideas guarantee optimized space usage; modular assembled elements made for easy transportation. The Cargopallet 280 (photo) has been designed to store and to transport food and vegetables. Made by injection moulding of high density polyethylene, non-toxic material for foodstuff, it is a stackable container with perforated sides and base. It can be loaded up to 150 kg and it is particularly appreciated by the agro-industry (salami, cheese, fruits, vegetables) equipped with automatic storage systems. The container is available with or without feet, and can be fitted also with wheels. Instead, the Cargofold 700 is completely folding. With this system, in case of transport and storage of empty containers, you shall earn 63% in volume: a stack of eight folded Cargo is the same height as three open ones. Available in polypropylene or polyethylene, both very resilient and sturdy.

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