Collaborative robots


Italrobot was born from the automation and industrial robotics division of Tea Impianti in 2014, with the aim of helping customers compete in markets where it is necessary to focus on production speed and quality.

Collaborative robots increase productivity and make the most of cramped spaces: Mounted on the ceiling, for example, they free-up the walkable and driveable area below. The photo shows one of the latest achievements adapted to the dairy sector: A collaborative robot Hyundai L12 with which the company has developed a simple application adaptable to an industrial canning and palletizing process.

The example in the photo shows how simply the robot takes the burrata packs and fills them into cartons, which makes the work faster and relieves the operator of the repetitive action. The application consists of a gripping tool, in this case a single customised sucker (several suckers are possible if required), which picks the product by vacuum and places it as programmed at different speeds.

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