Cogeneration plants



At the Centrale del Latte of Florence, the local fresh milk producer, AB Energy installed Ecomax 14 (1400 kWh), a plant that ensures the energy necessary to produce more than 37 million litres of milk per year. The plant is an “integrated container”, suitable for supply chain and industrial applications, typical of this industry, which with cogeneration achieve immediate savings and reduced environmental impact. AB provides also “turn-key maintenance” of the plant through ABV Service, a company dedicated to after-sales assistance. The technical specifications are: fuel consumption 363 Nm3/h; power input 3446 kW; electrical power 1416 kW; electrical efficiency in steam 41%, in hot water 42%; temperature of boiler water supply 60°C; steam production 880 kg/5 -13,5 barg -196,69°C; thermal power recovered in steam 621 kW, in water 831 kW; cold water 20°C, hot water 75°C; total efficiency 83%; CO2 emissions reduced per year 1280 tonnes.