Coca Cola Brazil launches Crystal Eco with adhesleeve technology


Spaipa, the third largest bottler of the Coca-Cola brand in the Brazilian territory, was recently acquired by Coca-Cola Femsa Mexico, the largest manufacturer of soft drinks in all of Latin America. On the market since 1946, it has four factories with a total of fourteen bottling lines for different types of drinks such as Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, fruit juices, sports drinks (Powerade), mineral water and beer. The Spaipa factories are located in Curitiba where three bottling lines are installed, Mariingá with four production lines, five lines are installed in the  Marilia factory and two others in the Bauru factory. Spaipa is a company that just in 2010 produced more than 213 million cases of 12 bottles each, for a total of two billion five hundred and fifty six million (2,556,000,000) bottles.

In 2012, Coca-Cola created Crystal Eco, the new water bottle with 20% less PET. To comply with the ecological requirements of the container, it turned to P.E. LABELLERS for the labelling of the new container of Crystal Eco Water, which the latter was able to achieve with the revolutionary Adhesleeve technology:
1.    70% saving on the electrical consumption of the labeller, as hot glue is no longer used.
2.    100% recyclable bottle and label, as the pre-fixed glue on the roll during the printing process is based on acrylic polymers.
3.    Elimination of chemical solvents to clean the labelling machine (since hot glue is not used), ensuring a workplace without risk to employee health.
4.    75% reduction in the length of the air conveyor belts between the blow molding machine and the filler: the decrease is from 250m to 55m leading to energy savings (less blowers).
5.    Reduction in the thickness of the label film from about 35μ to 25μ, corresponding to a reduction of 30%.

For the Crystal ECO mineral water line, P.E. LABELLERS has recently supplied a linerless labelling machine model ADHESLEEVE N 810/18T for the application of wrap-around labels on 500ml and 1500ml cylindrical bottles, with a pressurisation system for empty bottles, with a speed of 36,000 bph, installed below the blower.
A further feature of this installation is the application of the label on empty bottles with input/output containers with air conveyor belts; the entrance into the machine takes place directly with universal stars with a neck gripping system (neck-handling): it is not necessary to adjust the height of the air conveyor belts for different sizes (P.E. Patent).
To give greater and totally safe access to the operator and facilitate the operations of replacement of the empty roll during the operation of the labeller, this version of Adhesleeve was designed with an ergonomic machine body, circular guards and a double labelling station on the peninsula.

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