Dairy products

Cleaning in place units


Progema Engineering is specialized in the production of CIP Units, fully automatic, tailor sized to cope with any customer’s needs either on existing and new plants of the customer. The plus of this innovative product lies in its initial project and in the modular PLC software which makes it possible to fit preassembled skids to guest either two or more tanks, one or two detergents. The CIP are suitable for both the washing of internal lines or tankers, and also used to wash large tanks or piping of major size. The management program, developed by Progema, allows wide possibilities for customization and adjustment of the system to suit the most varied customer requirements. Units are pre-mounted on a skid/chassis and are supplied complete with piping, valves, probes, electrical panel and wiring. One of the basic requirements for the hygienic production in Food and Dairy Industry is that the processing machinery must be scrupulously clean. Some parts of the machinery must be cleaned immediately after the production cycle has finished. This operation gets the system clean and pathogen free before next production cycle starts.

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