CIP with in-line control


Alimenta Beverage Solutions is a company specialized in the design and construction of equipment and plants for processing and producing food liquids, especially for the beverage industry. Engineers and technicians provide ad hoc consultancy for implementing customized projects.

The equipment built has a level of automation that meet the requirements and needs of customers and include semi-automatic/automatic or fully automatic systems equipped with PLC and integrated supervision system.

During the design and manufacture of its products, the company pays particular attention to the hygienic and sanitary aspect in order to exclude any possible contamination of the processed product, ensuring the safety of the product and its production processes.

The main functions and performances of the CIP series are: one, two, three, or four vessels having adequate capacity for the line to be purified; variable number of cleaning lines is possible; in-line dosing of cleaning or purification products; in-line conductivity and flow-rate monitoring; Aisi 304/316 stainless steel structure.

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