Chocolate, the food of good cheer

Section of the heating jacket of the lobe pump.

A valuable food and best friend, to be treated gently. With Omac lobe pumps, for instance, offering a high hygienic standard.

Responding to the current request for higher hygiene and health in chocolate processing plants, Omac lobe pumps replace the more widespread gear pumps usually employed in this sector. They are increasingly preferred by leading manufacturers of chocolate processing machines and plants and even by the chocolate industry.

In 2018, for instance, Omac supplied thirty pumps to Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Limited, known with the trademark Amul, for the expansion of its chocolate production facility in Mogar. Amul is a leading company in the Indian milk and dairy sector, and fourth largest producer of chocolate after Cadbury, Ferrero and Nestlé. In this project OMAC was in competition with other major manufacturers of lobe pumps, but, in the end, the customer, who already knew the Italian product, preferred Omac’s quality and reliability.

Omac B115 lobe pump

Pumps with heating jacket

The most important feature of a chocolate pump is its heating jacket. If it is necessary to keep the pumped fluid at a constant temperature, a heated jacket body is available for all Omac lobe pumps of the B/BB/BA/BE series. This allows the circulation of the heating or cooling liquid. The effective heat exchange achieved with Omac heating jackets has no equal on the market.

As it results from the drawing, the liquid completely surrounds the body of the pump up to the openings. Moreover, the reduced thickness of the wall facilitates the heat exchange. Thanks to the proper functioning of this accessory, the transferred product retains its properties and does not harden inside the pump during machine standstills. This prevents pressure peaks at restart, possible seizures or even more serious damages.

Typical products are glucose, melted fats, butter and margarine, chocolate, wax, pastes for candies, plastic materials, etc. Even the cover can be equipped with jacket, which can be used individually or with the heated body. For chocolate and chocolate-based products, Omac developed special seals: Single flushed “knife face” seals are ideal for chocolate with high sugar content or high operating pressures; lip seals S1 (B series) or S16 (BB series) for sugar with sugar content < 50% and low operating pressures.

Omac lobe pumps can be used for the entire chocolate processing cycle, starting from the processing of cocoa beans, up to the handling of cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, chocolate and soya lecithin, vegetable fats and oils, flavours or fruit concentrates, etc. If properly selected, they handle the products with utmost care, and therefore they are particularly indicated for the pumping of chocolate with suspended particles, such as hazelnut chips, pieces of fruit or biscuits, for instance.

At the end of the production cycle, the chocolate product is used for a variety of chocolate-based products, such as dark and milk chocolate bars, ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate-based syrups, creams.