China, cold-glue labelling machines in the “Sea of Pearls”


Lee Kum Kee is a prestigious Chinese company founded by Lee Kum Seung. Due to a minor distraction while cooking oysters, he discovered the renowned oyster sauce, which today is an essential seasoning used in Cantonese and southern Chinese cuisine, as well as being the main ingredient in a number of Chinese dishes. Today, the company’s production includes more than 300 varieties of sauces and seasonings whose distribution is not just limited to China, but extends to 100 countries in five continents. The company consists of five establishments worldwide: two in China and the remaining ones in Hong Kong, California and Malaysia. Being a loyal P.E. LABELLERS customer since 2004, Lee Kum Kee confirmed his trust in us in 2012 by purchasing the fifth cold-glue labelling machine for the range of sauces and seasonings in cylindrical glass bottles with a production speed of 14,000 bph. The rotary labelling machine supplied is suitable to apply long cold-glue wraparound labels with the relative neck label on various formats, from the 130g to the 700g bottles.

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