Cheese making vats



Evolution of the previous model, the cheese making vats of the Plus series manufactured by GEA-CMT for processing curd, achieve high production yield and high quality.  The structure the flat rectangular vat is in stainless steel AISI 304. The curd churner, consisting of stainless steel blades and balanced mixers, is secured onto a shaft mounted on the sides of the vat. The mixers are mounted on the non-cutting side of the blades, in order to obtain opposed rotations of the churner during  cutting and mixing cycles. At every turn, the churner processes the curd, which undergoes to two combined movements: the axial movement of the mixers, and the radial movement of the churner rotation. This system ensures a perfect mixing in all vat areas. At the end of this cycle, and after curd maturing, the vat can be tilted by means of a hydraulic gearbox. The variable speed of the curd cutter is controlled electronically by means of inverter. By partially unloading the vat, it is possible to drain the first whey (or sweet whey). The remaining whey is drained when the curd is unloaded (polyvalent tilting). The jacket present on the entire surface of the vat is useful to raise or keep the product temperature, and ensures a uniform distribution of steam (allowed pressure max. 0.5 bar) or hot water. The integrated cleaning cover includes a mobile section, which can be opened by means of a counterweight and lever system. A rotary stainless steel sprinkler connected to the CIP system ensures perfect cleaning of the vat. The vat is available for two production capacities: 3000 or 5000 litres.