Cheese flow-pack wrapping

At speeds of 230 p.p.m., Tecno Pack wrappers create three-seals packages with using barrier film

Flow-pack wrapping technology described by Andrea Motta, Tecno Pack Area Manager, from his experience acquired in the dairy industry.

“The present dairy industry offers a wide variety of products, based on the geographical area of production. Even within the shortest distance, there are substantial differences in the properties of the end product. For this reason Tecno Pack offers its cutting-edge technology with which it is possible to create a “customised” solution for each type of cheese”. The flow-pack wrapping system obtained with Tecno Pack machinery can guarantee: shelf-life, protection, and traceability. By selecting the right equipment, the long product shelf-life of the product can be maintained with the same initial quality unchanged. Armoured packs protect food against external agents, such as collisions and movements. Whereas, traceability is ensured by printable film code and labelling systems, which ensure the correctness and completeness of data, such as weight, price, bar code, hour & packaging shift, expiration, etc.

Long life to all formats

“The evolution of our electronic horizontal wrappers provides great flexibility”, states Motta, “which allows to handle from the small cube of cheese to the whole cheese wheel in a matter of minutes, with the same wrapping machine. High operating speeds allows us to wrap products at speeds up to 140 packs per minute, creating perfectly airtight packs, with three film barrier seals. The costs per pack are far lower with respect to any other system, including thermoforming”. Flow-packs in controlled atmosphere guarantee a long shelf-life of the products thanks to a pre-heating cycle of the gas introduced into the pack and to the perfectly tight seals. Thanks to the high precision temperature control of gases, Tecno Pack can guarantee on the same machine even the vacuum packaging. The cantilever frame of Tecno Pack machines allows for a complete separation between moving parts, motorizations, and electric system. A system that allows final users to clean and sanitize the machine quickly and with ease. “Our wrapping machines can “wear” different dresses – points out Motta – since Tecno Pack offers a variety of versions and set-ups: classic flowpacks for all formats, with three seals and central fin with or without vacuum; L flow-pack for small and medium sized products, with three seals and lateral fin, with or without vacuum; open-close flow-pack with three seals, with one zipper recommended for medium and small formats; L-shaped heat-shrink pack with three seals, with skin film for higher product protection”.

Horizontal FP 100 BM horizontal packaging machine, available with transversal sealing units, long dwell (fast changeover) or box motion (high speed and long sealing time)

Horizontal Wrappers

FP 100 is the series of high-speed horizontal packaging machines built by Tecno Pack with cantilever frame to be easily sanitised; the machine features motorized film unwinding calender, side-sealing unit with two independent motors, transversal sealing units, both long dwell (fast changeover) and high speed box motion, and fast sealing system. “The box-motion version with square motion is to date the fastest prolonged sealing system of this type”, continues Motta. “With this machine we combined the versatility of traditional D-like motion cut-seal machines – the so-called long-dwell – with the versatility of translating cut-seal machines, known as box motion”. This fully electronic packaging machine ensures ultimate operational precision. The design has been studied for ergonomics, mechanic and electronic stability, controlled atmosphere (MAP), manometric dosing of liquids such as alcohol and antimould, integration into advanced print systems, upstream and downstream interaction with any integrated system. This new horizontal wrapper can be integrated into automatic lines, and features an easy and user-friendly touch screen.


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      Dear Sir, Good time
      pls, 1st of all we wants to install a plant of encapsulating triangles
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      this mean 2 machines . the 1st is to make the normal cheese to make it
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