Case packers and cartoning machines


For Senzani Brevetti, the last edition of Packology was the opportunity to celebrate and speak about 60 years of story, marked by the production of the first case packers and cartoning machines up to the most recent models of side-load cartoning machines, top-load robotic pick and place machines (manipulators), palletizers and integrated systems made to manage the whole packaging cycle: from the filling to the preparation of moving, distribution or shipping. Besides these, also DiPa Display & Tray Packers emerge for the forming, filling and closing of trays, displays and cases.The machines have traveled all around the world and today they are requested by multi-national companies such as, for example, Nestlè, Unilever or Barilla. The presence of the company in the second edition of the event was dedicated to communication designed for the recurrence, from the celebratory brand to the display of all materials, up to the institutional video, created this year and projected as a preview at the Fair.

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