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SIG Combibloc has achieved an important sustainability goal: thanks to a global network of cardboard suppliers who are certified according to the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), from August 2016 100% carton packs for food and beverages can be labelled with the logo of`the FSC. Rolf Stangl, CEO: “As one of the leading manufacturers of carton packs for foods and beverages, safeguarding the planet’s forests is a key corporate goal for us. Hand in hand with that goes our commitment to ensuring that the cardboard we use for our carton packs comes 100% from certified sources. We believe the FSC certification system is currently the most credible and the most widely accepted system for sustainable forest management. Globally, FSC-certified forests are still only available in a limited quantity. Through our well-developed network of cardboard suppliers, all of whom have certified cardboard production plants, we are able to ensure that we have access to sufficient quantities of FSC unprocessed cardboard. As the first manufacturer of food and beverage packaging in the world to do so, we have therefore created the conditions to ensure all carton packs we produce can carry the FSC logo. We’re very proud of that, because it’s a key goal within our corporate strategy, the Corporate Compass”. Each food and beverage manufacturer can make its own decision on displaying the FSC label visibly on the carton pack, and thus clearly positioning itself as an environmentally responsible company. To give manufacturers enough scope to integrate the FSC label into the packaging design, in consultation with the FSC, SIG has developed a new design policy for carton packs. The FSC label can now be placed on one of the four fully printable display surfaces of the carton packs, but also on the so-called lateral ‘ears’ of the cartons, or on the carton base. This solution is an effective option, for instance, for small-size carton packs with limited space. For manufacturers who want to make the benefits of FSC- labelled packaging clear and at the same time present these benefits on the carton in a way that appeals to consumers on an emotional level, the FSC has also developed a new logo with the slogan ‘Forests for all forever’.

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