Capping of beer and cider


OMBFThe activity of OMBF is based on the design, construction and installation of automatic and semi-automatic machines, available as stand-alone units, monoblocs or tripel blocks for the last step of the filling cycle of oil, beer, and wine: the capping (with corks, crown caps, cages, capsules of any kind and shape) and their packaging in boxes. The machines are suitable for capacities from 600 to 3000 b.p.h., but the range includes also specific models for the production of wines with the classical Champagne (or Champenoise) method.  Among these, there is the automatic 2005A-MTG/10 monobloc, designed for medium capacity bottling lines (max. 2800 b.p.h.).  The monobloc includes in a single machine the functions of corking (mushroom-shaped corks, plastic T-caps) and wire-hooding on a rotary carrousel.  The distribution of the caps is made through a cap vibrator and an S-shaped channel equipped with feeder/orientor for champagne corks; whereas the wire-hoods are distributed by a revolving magazine that can be loaded either from the top or the bottom. The range includes also a free-standing wire-hooding unit.

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