Cans cleaning and rinsing



Reaching a maximum production speed of 90,000 cph (160,000 with twin channel) with containers of any size and shape and with any movement by gravity: these are just some of the peculiarities of Magnoni’s new Rinser, specifically developed for the beverage industry. The system for the internal cleaning of aluminum containers comprises a tunnel in AISI 204 stainless steel (on request even AISI 316) complete with cages and twister in the same material and polyethylene-coated. Two versions are available: the standard model with dedicated channel and twister for each format at the incoming/outgoing of the washing tunnel; the semi-automatic model, with quick format change-over by means of the internal sliding cage height and electronically. This model also features dedicated twists placed in the chariot, allowing pneumatic or manual format change-over. The rinsing can be performed using ionized or hot/cold water (temperature range 0-70°C), sterilized with UV rays or detergents. Ideal to meet any cleaning requirements, all machines are tested in the factory before delivery and installed by manufacturer’s skilled personnel.