Bottling of wine&beer


With Quinti‘s AOX filler, the filling operation takes place in five distinct steps, but all during a single operation. After the faucet is resting on the bottle, the air present in the bottle is released thanks to a vacuum system. The second phase consists in the insufflation of inert gas (nitrogen) inside the bottle. The third phase consists in the isobaric filling of wine, where the pressure present in the bottle is compensated with that present in the tank of the machine, which is also under pressure of inert gas (nitrogen). A vacuum system connected to a recovery tank, provides to remove the liquid in excell (level filling). The last step consists in blowing inert gas (argon, heavier than air) into the bottle neck before raising the tap. With this system it is possible to limit the backflow and consequent dripping, in order to limit the formation of mold inside the nozzle, thus cutting machine cleaning and maintenance time and cost. The same filling technology can be used for beer, which is already fermented and rich in carbon dioxide. The machine is designed for working pressures up to 3 bar.