Biscuits on edge packaging


Schib–Hayssen Flexible Systems’ array includes several HFFS packaging solutions dedicated to the biscuit industry, ranging from stand-alone machines to turnkey integrated solutions for primary & secondary packaging.

You will have a choice among single serve or multi-pack configurations, slug, stack and tray wrapping. The packaging system in the picture can handle collations of biscuits, crackers, and cookies on edge, assuring that the product is gently handled and yet offering total control of the slug throughout the packaging cycle.

A 90° feeder takes the products on edge, either manually or automatically fed, and transfers them into the in-feed chain of the flow pack machine.  At this point, the collations of products are supported and transferred to the end seal head.

The 5-axis servo control, automatic film splicing, photocell for print registered films, and no product-no bag function complete the line configuration. Speeds up to 120 packs per minute. One great advantage of this packaging line is the extremely fast format changeover that can be performed within only 15 minutes instead of hours, ending up with enhanced productivity and optimum efficiency.

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