Bending and welding technologies


Imcar was established in 1955 and it placed itself on national and international market as a company specialized in plate and profile bending processes. The range of products deals with plate bending machines: standard or with CNC, 2/3/4 rolls, up to 7 m long and that can bend up to 100 mm; Automatic Systems from coil or pallet, custom machines according to customers’ specifications and profile bending machines. Actually our experience let us plan and manufacture the products with high quality components to have as result reliability, resistance and efficiency.

7 rolls Imcar vertical straightening to manufacture tanks for food storage

100% Made in Italy
In the years Imcar has specialized itself in custom technologies for tanks/barrels/silos productions to be used in workshops or on sites according to customers’ requirements. Offices & production are located in Concorezzo, close to Milan and near to the main communication ways. The company is extended on an area of 6000 m2. Has always developed its capacities to export its technologies, spreading its products with success all over the world and offering to its customers a reliable service and solving problems approach, becoming an ideal partner, thanks to technical people directly from Imcar or local support offices.

Imcar installation example

Tanks production in vertical or horizontal
After several years of experience in horizontal line production for tanks of small & medium sizes, Imcar has designed and produced an innovative technology to manufacture medium & large sizes of tanks in vertical. This Vertical System has different work stations and several interesting advantages: working space reduction; lower number of skilled working people; lower production time; high level quality; high standardization level; production of tanks without contaminations; low costs for the polishing operation. Vertical technology let have these advantages because of: fast and easy coils replacement; high speed forming; automatic vertical cutting & welding; no necessity of inside rings to align shell; possibility to align shells even with different thicknesses; compression & cleaning of welding; etc. This system tanks production offers the possibility to build tanks starting from sheets or coil and to plant inside the workshop or “on site”. Technology includes also several accessories machines, which are specific for production of tanks: press brake machine and manipulator for bottoms of small and medium thicknesses, shearing and flanging machine, manipulator for bottom cleaning, forming legs machine and semi-automatic and automatic forming and welding half pipe cooling system. This latest item is a technology in the van as it let form, bend and weld half pipe for cooling without necessity of spot-welding. All this is the result of collaboration between IMCAR and the customers, whose experiences and demands interweave.

Imcar produces an innovative system to manufacture tanks in vertical