Ball refining bearings


The CO.ME.T’s ball refining bearings are a simple, economic and versatile system for the production of speadable creams, filling and coating creams, dried fruit pastes, ice-cream, chocolate and compounds, as well as in addition to commercial creams to customize the product. Starting with recipes with fat content at least of 30%, it is possible to produce creams with fineness around 20 microns. The lines are made entirely in stainless steel, for a working capacity of 25, 100, 250, 500 kg. The systems may have a manual or automated process managing (with the exception of the machine 25 kg which exists only in the version with loading directly into the machine without pre-mixing tank). The machines are equipped with a pre-mixing tank, where the basic elements of the recipe are loaded in such a quantity as to have more batches processing. CO.ME.T. is able to realize complete service lines for the refining plant, managing the storage of raw materials, their transport and dosage, as well as the refined product, the primary storage, filtration and transport of the product. The company has a pilot plant suitable to carry out refining tests on products of the customer.

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