Akomag, used bottles as new ones


With Akomag machines that wash and sterilize containers of various sizes and materials.

 Recycled bottles used for bottling soft-drinks, mineral water and other liquid foods may be contaminated by the most different substances: residues, paper labels and their glue, molds, and so on. Their cleaning should occur automatically, in the beverage sector, using bottle washers that must employ specifically formulated additives to be really effective. Next to being automatic, the washing cycle must be safe, and this is only possible with performing and tested machines, which now have become a reference point in the bottling sector. As those offered by Akomag, whose production includes various types of bottle washing machines, rinsers and sterilization units for glass and PET bottles and gallon, crate washers and many additional accessories.

Akomag has been working for several years in the bottling sector and thanks to the proven experience developed in this field, the company can guarantee to its customers maximum yields, user-friendly operation and minimum operational costs. And also long working life, mainly thanks to the fact that the machines are constructed with high-quality certified materials. Thanks to the simple modular construction of its equipment, this firm has progressively expanded the machine functions and its level of technological sophistication.

Over the years, in fact, the systems have been integrated with special washing and sanitation stations, cutting-edge automatic controls of process parameters, new safety systems for the complete line, energy recovery, reduction of discharges, and automatic sanitation of the most important parts. While designing each machine, engineers take into account all measures that are necessary for the health and safety of operators, who today can avail themselves of machines with very low noise levels and top safety protection.

Compact and silent machines

In designing its machines, Akomag is firmly committed to reducing their size, traditionally quite large and bulky in this sector, to allow customers to better exploit spaces. Compact design today characterizes all bottle washers, both manual and automatic. Manual Combi bottle washers, for instance, are designed according to the instructions of small users, who are calling for great versatility to adapt to the most varied requirements. They offer compact design, low power consumption and practically “maintenance-free” operation, since devoid of mechanical components.

Although they are basic machines, they feature all the functions of a traditional bottle washer: good washing, removal of the labels and accurate bottle rinsing. All this while preserving the environment and reducing production costs, allowing to easily recycle bottles that once were only one-way bottles. Semi-automatic bottle washers of the Genesi series are the first step towards process automation, and are mainly directed to medium-low productions. A simple but extremely functional washing cycle contributes to cut working costs (water, power supply, detergents) without jeopardizing the results.

The modular design enables customers to “build” their machine according to their specific needs, with possibility of adaptation in the course of time. The automatic bottle washers of the last generation as those of the Hydra series are designed for medium-high productions. They meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in terms of washing quality and technical and electronic equipment. This compact model features all the latest technological developments in the field of bottle washing.

The washing cycle saves electric energy and minimizes consumptions, while ensuring easy and low-cost operation. Sophisticated and reliable control systems allow remote operation by just one operator for the whole washing cycle; he can easily control operation, speed and consumption.