Adhesleeve for the dairy sector in Algeria


soummam-pelabellersSar Laiterie SOUMMAM is an Algerian company created in 1993 that in 2006 became a leading firm on the Algerian food market and namely in fresh dairy products. Three words are all you need to understand the world of Laiterie SOUMMAM: family, Algeria and modernity. The company was created by the Hamitouche family and designed to meet the needs of the Algerian families, followed by those of all the families of the world. The Algerian component is essential for the company and is echoed in its brand name, “Soummam”, meaning river that flows north of the country.  The dairy is focusing on modernity via modern equipment meeting international standards in the field of design, hygiene and productivity and is trying to convey the image of a contemporary, dynamic and forward-looking Algeria. Laitierie Soummam introduced itself to P.E. LABELLERS and expressed its need to install, on its dairy production lines in Algeria, easy-to-use labelling machines for the application of sleeve labels on cylindrical PET and HDPE formats. We offered Laitierie Soummam our Adhesleeve labelling machine that can apply OPP or ROSO labels with the possibility of heat shrinkage of up to 16-18%. The same machine is also suitable for treating containers with and without shrinkage by simply changing the type of film. After this solution, the client renewed its trust in P.E. LABELLERS as much as 3 times in 5 years by purchasing 3 Adhesleeve labelling machines, which led the company to reduce maintenance costs and times by 50% in comparison to traditional roll-fed machines. These have offered the advantage of being able to apply normal and heat-shrink labels on the same machine, minimising the amount of space occupied by the bottling line and also reducing the initial and final economic investment to a minimum.