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Vertical packaging machine FV210 with DoyPack, proposed by Tecno Pack with 14-headed radial balance
Vertical packaging machine FV210 with DoyPack, proposed by Tecno Pack with 14-headed radial balance

Machines for primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging: the packaging technology of three Italian companies serving global packaging. For any food product.
IFP Packaging designs and builds electronically controlled packaging machines that are sturdy and simple to use; the machines offer tailored solutions for solving any ergonomic and sanitation problem. The extensive range of models offers excellent solutions to all packaging sectors that use shrink film, including automatic supply lines and end-of-line equipment, ranging from controlled atmosphere to high-speed applications up to the most extreme automatism. Horizontal packaging machines and automated packaging plants are the strong point of Tecno Pack, constantly developing its range of machines and automatic solutions for flow-pack packaging, pillow pack, cartoning and end-of-line. After years of continuous development, the company is now an important player at worldwide level, specialising in the design, construction and installation of complete packaging line for any kind of product, particularly for the bakery industry.  Specialising in flow pack packaging, GSP (General System Pack) offers machines and automatic solutions ranging from single all-electronic horizontal wrapping machines to complete packaging systems for each product type. What do these three companies have in common? The territory, as they are located in one of the most industrialised regions of Italy (Schio, Vicenza). Thirty years of experience devoted to technological developments. Management and coordination by Dualci. But, above all, being able to interpret issues like high speed, controlled atmosphere, full automation, by applying the maximum of the current state of the art, both mechanically and electronically.

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GSP 50 EVO with brushless control for wrapping an extensive range of products with minimized format change times

High sanitation
IFP Packaging offers an extensive range of machines and automatic solutions dedicated to packaging in shrink film from single fold reel, but also flat sheet double reel, with four welds. The company’s systems include wrapping machines for stretch film, also employing controlled atmosphere packaging for extending the shelf-life of products. Amongst the newest additions, the highlight is its Diamond X Box Motion model which, thanks to a total control through brushless motors, allows the packaging of a wide range of products and to minimize format change times. Its typical design provides for highest sanitation. Another new product is the high-speed system with robotic grip of flow pack items, formation of the multipack and relevant packing of the bulk through a Twin T model machine.

Minimized format change times
The total control through brushless motors characterizes even the GSP 50 EVO model which allows to pack a wide range of products and to minimize format change times. When the combination between high performance and packing perfection is required, there is the horizontal packaging machine GSP 75 EVO, with gravity feeder and high speed automatic biscuit distributors. Whereas controlled atmosphere and sealed pack are achieved with the GSP 65 EVO Box Motion model.

H4S Box Motion is designed by IFP for wrapping products with or without tray using shrink and no-shrink film
H4S Box Motion is designed by IFP for wrapping products with or without tray using shrink and no-shrink film

Vertical packaging
The last achievement from Tecno Pack for a US customer is entirely made in stainless steel, with IP 65 wash down electrical system, for packaging precooked “pastry” of various shapes, subsequently automatically placed inside flow packs. Another novelty is the FV 210, a vertical electronic multiaxial cantilevered packaging machine, served by a 14-headed radial balance. This innovatory system enables the production – in a single machine and with simple format changes – of standard cushion packs, block bottomed cushion packs, with four side seals and double block bottom, up to the sophisticated DoyPack bags made through the rotation of the cut&sew unit.

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    1. I want to know Wich solution you have for packing Sugar,Rice,Fluor and beans in 1kg

    2. I want to know if you have packing machine for Sugar and Flour.packing type plastic and paper bags for 1 Kg/bags


      Agostinho Fernando Chingualulo

    3. Hello sir
      I would inquire a full line for packing rice and sugar production line
      According to these considerations:
        1. the production line will include: machines for packing sugar into fingers pockets that it will be packed on 🙁 5 gm -1K and 5 K, 10 K and 20 K and 50 K)
      2. The production line will include: machines for packing rice into plastic bags which have these sizes 🙁 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 kg)
      ** Note: each size from the sizes which the rice or sugar will be packed on must packed by a machine not one machine for packing all sizes (a must)
      3.the budget for all machines must be in this range: (450000 to 5000000) usd
      4.the capacity will be suitable for that budget (I need it per hour)
      Send me the details on my email: tahany.mashroo3k@gmail.com
      You can contact me on the Skype: tahany.mashroo3k
      Also you can call me on this number: 00201124262268
      Looking for sending the details when you receive my email.

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