A more effective way of picking orders

Pick-by-Scan provides fast and faultless information processing
Pick-by-Scan provides fast and faultless information processing

A modern order picking procedure provides optimized information and material flow. Essential in the food industry, it plays a decisive role for a firm’s competitiveness and efficiency.

CSB’s range includes partially to fully automated solutions with sorters or robots, which even take over the picking process. Before introducing a new system, the single company processes and the relevant order-related parameters should be investigated, as for instance product properties, assortment, order structure, space. To do this, the CSB Group offers several possibilities: Pick-by-Scan, Pick-by-Light, Pick-to-Light, Pick-by-Voice, Picking with Sorter.

Pick-by-scan is a commonly used picking procedure. Here, the order data from the ERP system are transmitted to mobile data entry devices with scan function. The employees scan the items to be picked, take out the quantity indicated on the MDC device, and acknowledge the process with a keystroke. The direct connection between the MDC devices and the CSB -System eliminates media disruptions. The major benefits are: Fast and faultless information processing; no manual rework of the data; thanks to the connection to the inventory management system, the current picking status can be permanently monitored; systematic guidance in picking and optimized processing sequences; real-time warehouse loading/unloading.

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CSB-Sorter for picking mixed orders and sorting mixed containers; an effective solution that can be accommodated even on limited space

When using pick-by-light, flashing lights indicate where the employees can find the items to be picked in the warehouse or at the picking station. Via an acknowledgement key directly at the tray or by means of an entry at the MDC device, the operator confirms the removal which is fed back to the software. Among the advantages of the Pick-by-Light system, there are: Customized printing of labels by item and/or container; high pick performance through reduced search times; inventory stock changes are immediately returned to the inventory management system; wrong picks or missed items are virtually ruled out. The Pick-to-Light system is interesting for companies with many subsidiaries. Here, the orders received in the CSB-System are transferred to displays in the picking sections. The items to be picked are displayed with different colors on a screen, and the employees allot the ordered items to the displays and thus to the subsidiaries. A completed order is confirmed, for example at the CSB -Racks, and the quantities are updated in the order. Next to the intuitive use, the benefits include very high pick performance with very low error rates; automatic stock control through inventory function.

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Pick-by-Voice converts orders into speech, and transmits them to the headsets of the employees. Having their hands free, the pickers can respond faster and more flexibly

This system provides for an easier order picking, because the order data from the CSB -System are converted into speech, and the respective orders are electronically transmitted to the headsets of the employees. This way, error free and secure process flows are ensured. Using the headsets, the pickers have their hands and eyes free for vital tasks, allowing them to respond fast and more flexibly. The pick process is confirmed by voice entry. The benefits in this case are: Very user-friendly; only brief on-the-job training required; very high pick performance with very low error rates. When orders are picked with the sorter, the CSB-System software optimally compiles the required components such as order data, products and containers. The required products are retrieved from the warehouse, supplied to the picking lines and weigh-labelled in the sorters. Then, they are automatically dropped onto the respective customer channels and distributed into the customer containers. Thanks to their compact structure, semi-automatic and automatic CSB-Sorters are used which can be accommodated even on limited space. The systems are especially suited for picking of mixed containers.