Cubital units in stainless steel


DZDZ Trasmissioni developed a stainless steel series, widely used in food machinery sector. Unlike many other groups obtained with welding systems, the Aisi 316 L construction of the monobloc casing obtained by state-of-the-art precision-casting, prevents welds oxidation, in areas where the material structure is subject to changes and oxidation stains that are not allowed for applications in the beverage sectors. Next to the stainless steel series, recently the new “Cubitale” series of gearboxes was born, whose name derives from the shape of the gearbox. For the first time the gears have been produced with an aluminium gearbox instead of a cast iron one, saving up to 50-60% in weight. The advantage is that aluminium can be submitted to treatments that are not possible with cast iron. The image shows a cubital unit installed on a filling machine. The patented GHA (Golden Hard Anodizing) treatment with a thickness of 20 micron on the gearboxes, enables a life in saline mist of 10,000 hours compared to the 6000 hours of a stainless steel gearbox. Even shafts and/or sleeves are Aisi 316 L. The seals are in silicon or Viton, and for very critical situations even PTFE.

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